Help Others Everyday   

 Helping others can be accomplished everyday, anywhere! Here are some instances where you might be able to help the people around you:

  •  At School/Work

At school or work, you may notice that one of your colleagues  is having a hard time understanding a task or problem. If you understand it, lend a hand! Tell your fellow colleague what you think the task is and suggest some ideas that can be used to fulfill the task successfully. For example, you might notice that your friend at school is having a hard time figuring out how to solve an equation in math class. If you know how to solve the equation, teach your friend.

  • At the grocery store

When you notice that someone in the grocery store needs help carrying their groceries, offer to help. Schools and student associations sometimes set up booths in grocery stores to fund raise for their cause. You may wish to donate some money (instead of buying candy or potato chips) to these organizations.

  •  Salvation Army/Soup Kitchen

If you have some extra can food in your kitchen, donate it to your local Soup Kitchen. You may wish to donate other material goods (such as clothes and furniture) that you are not using to the Salvation Army.