Children's Day

This Year's Children's Day: October 13 2012 

Children's Day is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and recognizing children around the nation. It is held annually on the second Saturday in October. 

  Every year, we honor our mothers and fathers during Mother's Day and Father's Day. Children's Day, on the other hand, has not created the same amount of worldwide attention. Children are the leaders of tomorrow and it is essential that we respect, honor, and recognize them.

  This year, Help Others Corp. will be launching a Children's Day on Saturday, October 8th 2011 and is encouraging everyone to come together and help the children of our world by participating in this global event.

There are THREE easy steps to participating in Children's Day:

Step 1Pick one or more categories. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to participate in Children's Day by creating an activity that will be held on Children's Day. The event can fit into one or more of the following three categories:

              • Inspiring Children 
              • Educating Children 
              • Recognizing Children

Step 2: Create your event. We have collaborated some ideas for each category below but please use them as starters and feel free to create your own activity!

Some Examples and Ideas:

Inspiring Children
          • Professionals (musicians, firefighters, policemen, engineers, businessmen/women etc,.) can volunteer to explain their profession to kids at local schools/libraries/community centers.
          • Businesses/organizations can offer free tours of their facilities for children and explain how their business works.
          • Create posters/movies/fliers inspiring children to participate in healthy choices.

Educating Children 

          • Museums/Libraries can offer free tours and activities for children.
            • Professionals can offer free classes and tutoring for children in various fields (sports, music, dance, math, languages,etc,.) at schools, libraries, and community centers.
            • Cities/Towns can offer fairs and other community events that emphasize education.

Recognizing Children

            • Schools, organizations, and communities can offer awards and prizes (does not have to be monetary prizes) for children.

Step 3: Register your Activity. Register your activity with Children's Day!